At Durable Goods, we believe collaboration and true partnership make the end product stronger. The way we see it? We’re in it together, from beginning to end. Because while your brand is important to us, you are, too.

Durable Goods

Great storytelling is our passion. Making people feel something to act is our promise. Bringing your vision to life and elevating it to levels you never dreamed of makes our hearts beat a little faster. But that’s only part of what we’re about. Because when it comes to what you think you know about production companies, we flipped the script.

At Durable Goods, producing great content is at the core of what we do, but how we get there matters. We exist to make your life less complicated. A group of forward-thinking, innovative creators, our years of expertise give us the unique ability to anticipate a challenge while being nimble enough to flex when things shift unexpectedly.

Couple that experience with our well-curated, award-winning roster of directors and you’re in the best hands possible – they’ve got all the accolades and none of the attitude. And if you need a little guidance, don’t worry. We’re here to walk you through the process every step of the way.

Durable means enduring, long lasting, and resilient. That goes for your brand, the stories we tell, and the relationships we build.

What’s your story? Let us help you tell it. Because we live for this stuff. #wearedurable.

Mike Brady

EP/Managing Partner

Meet Mike Brady. His filmmaking career has taken him all over the world, and he has the stories to prove it. From his start in Chicago, to his adventures shooting all over the world, he has helped to capture great stories about people and products who make a difference. Just ask him about the time he spent standing on a glacier, while a helicopter flew over him shooting, and kept blowing his hat off of his head.

It’s Mike’s love of storytelling that got him into filmmaking, and his natural ability for it that brings people together around a vision. His deep experience across the disciplines of journalism and photography as well as television, movie, and commercial production allows him to approach every project with a perspective that’s broad and unique.

He takes a flexible and honest approach to agency and client relationships, is quick to solve a problem, and will do what it takes to make a great idea even better. Best of all, he does it with a clever sense of humor and the promise that it will never be boring.

As for the stories … you might want to pull up a chair or maybe even some crampons. They’re that good!

Hani Selim

EP/Managing Partner

Meet Hani Selim. He’s one of those rare people that, once you meet him, you feel like you’ve known him forever. It could be the way he listens, falls into easy conversation, or seems like he just gets it.

Forging friendships while doing great work might be his greatest strength, but resourcefulness is his superpower. He’s been known to pivot to find a new location at the last minute and turn a $27K budget for a car shoot into a Grand Prix at Cannes.

Hani values honesty in partnerships. Combined with his good-natured approach to managing all kinds of personalities, diffusing issues, and being the calm force in stressful situations is the foundation for his strong relationships and the reason why people want to work with him again and again. He prides himself on the repeat business of Durable Goods – a true testament to this.

Building relationships and accomplishing amazing things is what he’s here for. And that feeling that you’ve known him forever? It may just end up that way.