Nicholaus Goossen

Nicholaus Goossen
He’s a true believer that you can put out great work and have fun while doing it.

Meet Nicholaus Goossen. The grandson of an LAPD homicide detective and the son of an award-winning corner man, Nicholaus grew up in his family’s boxing gym with a camera in his hand and a first-hand look at what real drive and passion looks like. He brings that same passion into everything he does.

Always a lover of film, Nicholaus started documenting boxers at a young age and later, scored a high-school internship in the camera department on the set of the Wedding Singer. He’s spent the last 15 years directing movies, television, music videos, and commercials, and has demonstrated his cinematic style and range for major brands like Planet Fitness, Vitamin Water, and Forever 21.

Nicholaus gets the best performances from A-list talent through clear and constant communication, and when it comes to the final product, he works to make everyone look good. He’s a true believer that you can put out great work and having fun while doing it.

In his spare time, Nicholaus works on flexing his green thumb and mastering his culinary skills. And if he ends up bringing some of that delicious cooking to set? That’s just an added bonus.